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We have changed our company name in January 2019, and opened a new door as Toyo Tire Corporation. Our company, Toyo Tire Corporation, is the only manufacturer in Japan that uses “Tire” in its company name, and this expresses our sense of pleasure, pride, responsibility, and resolve at being involved in the mobility business.

We established ourselves in August 1945 as a manufacturer of tires and other rubber products to meet the needs of the times. Over more than 70 years since then, we have constantly made technical innovations and delivered products reflecting social changes and advances to customers around the world.

Besides polishing the performance and quality, we continue to be particular about producing designs that are brimming with creativity and ingenuity. The generation of differentiated, high-level added value is the company’s philosophy which is driving our activities.

How can we make effective use of not only our intangible assets in the form of our accumulated technology, but also our resources represented by equipment and locations, and maximize their value? To do so, each and every one of our employees must pool their wisdom and join together in agile action. As I see it, this is our distinctive strength and the source of the meaning in our existence.

As many of you are already aware, the automotive industry has reached a profound once-in-a-century turning point.

Our automotive society in ten or twenty years’ time is likely to be quite different from its current state. What are your dreams about our future mobility society? What are your expectations?

The roles of products and the values which is being demanded must be provided to customers and it has started to change in tandem with respect to the changes in our mobility society. We have already been tackling the development of various advanced technologies, and the first signs of the latest technologies for this future are starting to emerge.

In the company philosophy, our Mission sets forth the goal of “creating excitement and surprise with our products that exceed customer expectations and enrich society.” This is our commitment to society, as we make it our creed not only to resolve issues in response to needs, but also to provide new realizations and joy.

All employees are cognizant of our origins as a manufacturing company and aspire to make us a company with presence that is welcomed by society, and I am counting on your continued patronage into the future.

January 2019